Shooting in Cracow – price list

Shooting in Cracow – price list

If you happen to be in Cracow and you will feel the urge to go shooting, many places can satisfy your need. But what about the prices? They are quite varied, but in most cases, they won’t make you bankrupt. There are few different ways of pricing in shooting ranges. They are based either on the number of rounds used or weapon sets with a set ammo value.

Weapon sets and their prices 

Shooting in Cracow – price listThe value you will have to pay for a set depends on the weapon type in it, and the number of rounds you will get. The most basic gun bundles usually contain two handguns and a machine gun. It will cost you roughly 120(+-20) zł and you are most likely to get around 30 rounds. If you pay a little bit more you will get access to more powerful weaponry. Shotguns and rifles are to be there. It is challenging to define how much you will pay, but for around 200 zł you can get up to 50 rounds and few different guns. There isn’t any upper limit thought. The more guns there are in the set the more you will have to pay.  

Price ranges and what you will get in them 

  • ~100 zł – two handguns and a machine gun, 30 bullets
  • ~150 zł – handguns, machine guns and maybe a shotgun, 40 rounds
  • ~200 zł – a rifle, shotgun, handguns, 50 pieces of ammo
  • ~250 zł – few rifles, shotgun, handguns 60 bullets
  • ~300 zł – same as before, but more rounds, 70 to 90

See more at the link: Shooting in Cracow – GoToShoot.

Pay per bullet

Some shooting ranges allow customers to create their own weaponry sets. You choose the weapons and pay for the number of bullets you want to have. The price will often begin with starting fee, for the help of an instructor and for ranting a spot in the range, targets are also included. Then you are free to choose a weapon. The price for 10 handgun rounds will be in brackets from 30 to 50 zł. Machine guns, shotguns, and rifles rounds prices start at 20 zł and reach 50, however, most of the time it will be closer to the upper limit, or will offer less than 10 rounds, 5 for example. 

Summing up, for a very reasonable price you will be able to test out many pieces of weapon. Beginners are likely to be quite exhausted even after short shooting sessions. You also won’t have to pay much, if it is your first time in shooting range, you can try it out!